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Festive Feasting

| Christmas Ideas, DIY | 10/12/2011

December is a month filled with lots of feasting and festive fun. Below, to help inspire you to do some baking over the weekend, are some of our favorite festive yummies.

Santa Hats

Don’t you heart these brownies topped with adorable santa hats? You will need to whip up a batch of brownies. You can either buy a brownie mix, use an old favorite recipe of yours, or try this Nigella one. While the brownies are baking knock up some butter icing and once the brownies are baked, and cooled, you can creatively assemble your own little hats. Check out the full details here.


Snowmen Cookies

Seeing as we are guaranteed not to have a white Christmas in Zambia, this is the closest we will come to making a snowman. You will need your favorite cookies  (if you are short on time then buy some), a collection of sweets to be able to make the faces (smarties, choc chips, jelly tots…) and icing. Check out the full details here.


Puddini Bonbons

These Puddini Bonbons will certainly tantalise your taste buds. Made to look like baby Christmas puddings these are in fact meltingly rich, spiced chocolate truffles! Nigella Lawson takes credit for this recipe which you can find here.



Mince Pies

These mince pies are topped with “festive cheer.” Make your favorite mince pies but instead of covering the tops completely, cut out some festive shapes. Stars work well too. If you are keen to try a new mince pie recipe I recommend this one.



Rudolf Sarnie

This is a fun sandwich idea for your kids. To make this cute sandwich, you will need a slice of bread, a cherry tomato, half a hot dog and two sweets as eyes. Check out the full details here.




Parmesan Crackers

Finally, to counteract all that sweetness is our savory suggestion. These Parmesan Crackers are absolutely delicious and really do melt in your mouth. The full recipe for these mouthwatering yummies can be found here.



Happy feasting and until next time, ciao from us all.


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2 Responses to “Festive Feasting”

  1. Glenda on 14/12/2011 @ 10:17

    mmmmmmmmm yummy definatly going to give some of these recipes a go.

  2. Niknax on 14/12/2011 @ 10:33

    Happy baking Glenda :)

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