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Garbage into goodness

| Think Green | 12/11/2011

My mother has recently acquired some new pets. Laden with veggie scraps, I was sent out to feed her new hobby. Inside a cosy little house were her collection of red wrigglers a.k.a working worms. Initially the entire concept is enough to give one the heebie jeebies, but when Ruth Puffett of Ecobiz Farms and worm farmer extraordinaire contacted us about her work, it was easy to see why the world is going worming mad for these little champions of the soil.

A world of wriggly goodness

Worms are nature’s ultimate recyclers. In the wise words of Darwin himself “It will be difficult to deny the probability that every particle of earth forming the bed from which old pasture land springs, has passed through the intestines of worms.” These munching machines are able to consume half their own weight in organic matter each day, but they also leave behind a fertile compost called worm castings, which is a wonderful, natural fertilizer. Worms really do turn our garbage into goodness and aside from being the latest trendy thing to do, read our ten top reasons why you should bag yourselves some wrigglers.

  1. Savvy gardeners listen up. Worm castings produced by worms are Mother Nature’s purest form of plant food and soil improver, all rolled in to one.  They contain everything needed for healthy plant growth and fertile soils.
  2. Money matters. By turning your organic waste, which you would normally throw away, into fertilizer, you will save yourself some shekels as you gradually become less dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  3. Waste less. Worms love kitchen waste,  paper and cardboard. Collectable household refuse is significantly reduced when you have worms to feed. This means fewer plastic bin liners bought and less smelly rubbish waiting to be collected.
  4. Hygienic times. If wormeries are well managed they do not smell and will not attract vermin or other pests.
  5. Safety first. Worms and their castings are non-toxic, safe to handle and completely harmless. The castings cannot burn your plants, and are harmless to pets and livestock.
  6. Easy peasy. The worms do all the work. All they ask for is a safe environment, moisture and food and in return they  will work 24/7, 365 days a year.
  7. Family time. Watch how your young children take an interest in gardening after getting a wormery.  It is a great way to get them outdoors, appreciate the importance of recycling and watch nature at work. Worms are the perfect pets.
  8. Fantastic fishing. Lively on the hook these little fellows are high in protein which makes them great for fishing.
  9. Feel good factor. Knowing that worms consume waste that would otherwise be transported to landfill, where it would decay and give off green house gases. Using nourishing worm castings in your garden to fertilize soil the way nature intended. And enjoying fruit and vegetables that have been grown naturally using castings, which not only taste more delicious but are better for you and the health of your family.
  10. Chit chat. When dinner party conversation turns tricky or contentious, steer it towards your new found passion and tell everyone you have worms.

For  information and advice on this wriggly matter contact our Zambian expert Ruth Puffett from Ecobiz Farms. She can not only supply you with a starter pack of worms and a wormery, but also sells an amazing array of worm castings for those of you that cannot conquer those heebie jeebies.

Let’s turn our garbage to goodness Zambia. Until next time, ciao from us all.


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