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Inspiration for the Garden

| DIY, Gardening, Think Green | 01/11/2012

The garden is singing with delight after a night of gentle rain which has left me inspired to get creative with it this summer. I have Ruth Puffett of Ecobiz Farms to thank for my new found hobby. Her red wrigglers and their castings have transformed the garden and are well worth investing in (read more about Ecobiz). Here are a further 11 ideas to help give your patch of green a new lease of life this summer.

1. Give old wheels a lick of paint and baskets of flowers. (Source: flickr)

2. This idea using an old milk churn overflowing with flowers is very effective. (Source: Indulgy) 3. Brighten up an old chair and whicker basket. (Source: Wednesday Nest) 4. Who needs pots when your kitchen offers a wonderful array of options. (Source: Petite Pots)

5. Turn an old desk into a charming centrepiece. (Source: HGTV) 6. An old stove also looks fabulous in the garden. (Source: Cedar Pond) 7. This little sign made me smile and can be easily recreated. (Source: Rustic Angels)

8. Transform an old stump into a garden table (Source: Apartment Therapy)

9. Use an old shoe storage caddy to grow a wonderful herb garden. (Source: Birds and Blooms) 10. This cute bar chair would look fabulous in a sunny corner of the garden. (Source: Upcycling My Life)

11. Finally a rather quirky use for that garden fork. (Source: The English Home)

Until next time, ciao from us all.


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